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Interested in something custom? Please send me the following information about your project!

Desired Surface (canvas, paper, wood, tile, etc)
Desired Size/Qty
Photos of your space, materials, colours, vibe
Concept Idea (if you have one, or from one of my past artworks)
Colour Palette
Shipping location or local pickup

Please email or use the contact form in contact page.

What's Next? 
After you receive and accept your quote, I will send you an official invoice. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due immediately and the rest due upon completion of the project. 
Once your first payment is received I will begin the design process. We can either meet in person to discuss or chat via Instagram or email. 

The initial design process includes: 
1. Colour palette.
2. Inspiration. This can be my past works, images, words, feelings or a song etc. These are just to get an idea of the vibe you want. My work is mostly abstract (or extremely loosely based on nature) based on a vibe/feeling.
3. After we discuss your concept I will create a Mock-up of the design photo-shopped on your wall(s). You can approve or request changes. Up to 3 changes are included in your initial quote. Beyond this will be an additional charge. (Mock-up designs are not exact and will only show overall composition/colour and vibe). My edges are left raw unless otherwise requested.

Once you approve the design I can begin painting. (yay!) I will keep you up to date with photos of the process.
Depending on your project it can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks in production time.
In all situations, 50% down payment is non-refundable.


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