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Vita Tiung - Abstract Artist

Vita Tiung is a mixed media abstract artist from Canada but is Indonesian born. She's working primarily with Alcohol Ink, Resin, and Acrylic Paint. She has been drawing since she was a child but found her passion as an abstract artist not long after she moved to Canada.

Her art is her way to express her love for the beauty of colours in her life.

Her dream is to fill her house with her own arts, and share these ideas to everyone.

From decorations, households, furniture, walls, floors, doors, motorbikes, cars, even counter tops. She could paint on variety of surfaces.



I'm Vita Tiung. I'm a self-taugh artist from Indonesia and now located in Canada. I found a passion for colour and expression through abstraction. I love making functional art, art that serves a function, but is designed artistically for purpose of beauty. I use different techniques that makes the art special and impossible to replicate.

Want a unique piece of art for your home or business?
I make artwork to order!

It is only your imagination that limits what you can create with resin. Everything from advertising signs, brand signs, address signs, trays, coasters, tables, dressers, cupboards, doors, vanity, countertops, house numbers, motorbikes, cars, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, jewelry boxes, and various crafts. Anything you can think of!

Heads up to commission or contact page to talk about your new eye catcher!

- Vita Tiung

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